Question of the Week: How Has Your Past Affected Your Present?

I recently began reading through one of my dad’s books, Grace Based Parenting. In the first chapter it talks about the role someone’s past has on his present. In the context of the book, it is referring to parenting. If someone has a positive experience from her parent’s methods, she is likely to follow suit. If negative, she will likely overcompensate in the opposite way.

Cody Kimmel as a kid

One example of me growing up to be something I was as a kid

I’ve heard this before, and this isn’t something only true for parenting. It had just been a while since I had thought about it. My past affects me more than I realize. Even while reading my dad’s book, I was struck how similar my writing style is to his. I’m not only learning my parenting techniques and spiritual values, but even things like my writing voice.

In a bigger way, the way we experienced God as a kid, whether in church or out of church, with a supportive family or a hostile one, has effected the way we experience Him now. I grew up in a strong Bible church without much presence of charismatic giftings or worship style. As an adult, my faith is now very Bible-driven and I have a difficult time with charismatic expressions in worship. I’m not even talking about things like tongues or prophecy, but stuff as basic as lifting up hands in worship.

My question for you this week is how has your past with God affected your present with Him?

How are you different because of your childhood?

There are a lot of things in the Christian life that we may elevate because of our own past, not necessarily because it should be elevated. Take some time this week to reflect on this and if you would like, share it here.