I’ve always grown up with music. I remember laying on my couch listening to Beatles albums when I was four years old for hours, just entranced by the way music worked. After I started being force fed piano at age six, the love of music continued to grow into what it is today. As a songwriter I try to use the transcendent power that music has to stir people to action. With the lyrics I hope to get people thinking and examining their lives. Music, to me, should be both beautiful and dangerous, a golden and pearl-laced dagger that cuts into people’s souls.

To listen to some of my music, you can visit my old band, Eliot Fitzgerald’s, Myspace page. To see more recent live versions of newer songs, visit my youtube page.

I have written quite a bit since I last did an official recording, so new stuff will be out momentarily. Stay updated here either through MySpace, Facebook, or this blog about future shows and recordings.

Here are a few Mp3’s you can stream off of Reverb Nation. Some of them are live recordings and one is off my old band’s album, Icarus the Philistine.

Vendor on the Shore

Clasping Hands and Conversations

Grey Eyes

Monsters to Be Named



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