What Parents Need to Know about Postmodernism

The Postmodern Parent written by Cody Kimmel

Today I had the privilege of once again guest posting on my parent’s ministry blog, Family Matters. In this guest post I begin a three part series examining the language of postmodernism and what parents need to know. The first part is dedicated to the underlying distrust of our generation towards authority, the reasons why, and how parents can deal with it. Here is an excerpt:

Postmodernism can be defined many different ways depending on the context, however one of the constants is the suspicion of the “because-I-said-so” explanations.  This new culture is one existing in the shadow of two world wars, genocides and oppression, and an overall abuse of power in every sphere of cultural life. Because of this, the postmodern generation is suspicious of authority. They are suspicious of people who say they need to believe something just because they say it’s true. This new paradigm of suspicion poses an interesting challenge for parents.

We now live in a culture that does not support parent’s authority. If the people in charge are under suspicion in a postmodern world, parents often become public enemy #1 in the eyes of their children. So what are we supposed to do? Do we just surrender and let our kids disobey and question without any reaction?

Fortunately, there is a way to communicate in an authoritative way to a postmodern culture! The postmodern generation doesn’t reject authority because they flat out hate it (although it might seem that way to parents sometimes), they suspect authority because they don’t trust it. Now more than ever, it is essential for us as parents to earn the right to be heard by our children.

You can read the whole article HERE!


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