Sermon Sneak Peak: Playing with Boxes

This last Christmas, Lauren and I got to experience Christmas morning in a completely different way…as parents. It was an incredible experience watching our son, who didn’t really understand what was going on, open his presents. I wrote about the experience more here.

Lauren and I had been warned about this, but the cliche happened to us. Kyler with his wide eyes would tear open the paper around his presents, look at the new book or rattle or other colorful toy, throw it to the side and start playing with the box.

Obviously, it was cute when Kyler did it. However, I think it shows a deeper and more sinister tendency in our hearts. Tomorrow night at the Awakening, we are going to take a look at the story of Israel and the conquest of the land of Canaan. As Joshua distributes the land to the tribes of Israel, God shows his true hand in what the tribe of Levi receives as an inheritance.

This story provides the foundation for the two points I will make tomorrow:

1. Treasuring the blessings of God over the presence of God leads to idolatry.

2. True worship is a life lived in the reality of God’s presence as a our great inheritance.

For a deeper look at these issues come to the Awakening tomorrow night at 7pm. Also, for more background on the application of the distribution of Israel’s inheritance, check out my previous post here.

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