My First Legit Guest Blog Ever! The Postmodern Parent

Okay, so I’ve known that this was going to be posted for a while, but I wanted to wait and tell everybody once it had actually been posted. Some of you may know, but some of you may not, that my Dad is kind of a big deal in the realm of marriage and parenting ministry. His ministry, Family Matters, has a marriage and parenting blog and I am going to be writing a monthly post on it called The Post Modern Parent.

The Postmodern Parent written by Cody Kimmel

Now, some of you haters may be thinking, “Of course he gets to write for them, it’s his dad!” I want to assure you, as someone who has an inside look, a good deal of the success of my parent’s ministry is due to the fact that they promote, create, and uphold really good material and do not sacrifice the message or mission of the ministry in order to do favors for people, including their kids.

All that said, I am both very excited and very honored to be writing a few posts for them and I hope that it will help pass their message of grace on to the postmodern parent. My first post addresses the topic of teaching values in the midst of pluralism. Here is an excerpt:

As much as we’d like to hope, there is no escape from the voice of pluralism in this world for our kids, and even if we manage to protect our kids from it their whole lives as children, they will eventually be exposed to it as adults and won’t know how to deal with it.

One of the reasons pluralism became so popular is because people grew tired of the marginalizing attacks on people by those who claimed to “have the truth.” Attacking pluralism without dialoguing and understanding it will only push our children closer to espousing it.

Ignoring it will lose because there are too many advocates for pluralism to deny.

Embracing it and hoping for the best will only help our kids in embracing pluralism and rejecting Christ.

I want to offer a different solution. There is a myth about pluralism that just because there are multiple worldviews and value systems one can embrace that each perspective has the same weight. This is a misunderstanding of postmodern culture. Although there may be multiple belief systems our children can embrace, it doesn’t mean they will accept and respect all equally. They will eventually pick one. So here is the response I want to propose:

Show them that it works!

You can read the whole article here.

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