Reflections on the Lord’s Supper

This last week I have been thinking a lot about the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. The challenge for the Eternal Footmen this week was to write about the Lord’s Supper. I wanted to repost the poem I wrote for it here:

His body broken
for my ambition
my freedom
my inquisition
my jockeying for position
my constant faith in intuition

His blood shed
for my fears
my overcoming
my failures
my outrunning
my tired eyes and quiet cunning
my overbearing love of money

i break His bread
and break my soul

i drink His cup
and fill the hole

that caused
His body broken
His blood shed

Also, because we will be taking Communion every week leading up to Easter, I wrote an explanation on the Fellowship White Rock blog. Here is an experpt:

Something that I’ve always struggled with growing up in a non-denominational church was the feeling of separation from the greater body of believers. I felt no sense of history or comraderie. In a church like ours, it is easy to forget that we are a part of something even bigger than the Fellowship Bible Church network, even bigger than the Evangelical Church, even bigger than the Protestant Church, even bigger than the Western church. Communion is something that connects us to the Capital-C Church. Christians all over the world, regardless of our differences, take communion. Not only does Communion connect us with all other present believers, but it also connects us with our past. Peter took communion, Augustine, St. Patrick, Anselm, Luther, Pope John Paul, all took communion. What a great way to be the body of Christ!

I hope this morning as many of us go to church and partake in the Eucharist, that it can so much more than a routine. We have life because Jesus gave up his, and that is a truth worth remembering!

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