Question of the Week: Should Valentine’s Day Be a Big Deal?

It comes around every year. The holiday that is keeping Hallmark in business. I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. To most men, Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that always takes us by surprise and we never quite know how far we should go with it. On the one hand, Valentine’s Day can be seen as a holiday to throw caution to the wind and go all out. What’s expected is every bit of romantic creativity a man can muster up to woo his love and show her how much he cares.

On the other hand, why is it necessary to have a holiday to communicate how much we love each other? Shouldn’t every day be a day we put our everything into communicating love to our significant other?

This is my question, should Valentine’s Day be a big deal? Should February 14th be a day that breaks the bank and pushes the envelope of romance every year, or should it be just 1 of 365 other days that we should show love in extravagant ways?

I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks…oh…and Happy Valentine’s Day.

9 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Should Valentine’s Day Be a Big Deal?

  1. I think that’s its fine to have this idealistic view of our love/marriage lives that says “Each day is Valentine’s day. We don’t need a special day.” But lets face it. We need to declare that somethine is special, or set apart in order to make it so. This is why we celebrate all other holidays. Christmas, Easter, Presidents day, you name it, it exists because we decided that something was important enough to us that we set aside a day to remember it. Should we remember that Christ came to earth to set the captives free everyday? Yep! Do we? Nope! Should we remember Christ’s sacrifice on the cross everyday? Yep! Do we? Nope?

    Presidents? Veterans? Fallen soldiers? Saints and secretaries? We should remember it all everyday, but we don’t and won’t. Or we can’t. It seems its human nature that we have to set these days aside so that we remember what is should be important to us everyday. In terms of commercialism…well it doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, to me, its the things that don’t cost anything but time and forethought that mean the most.

    PS- Don’t get Lauren any of these things:

  2. Does this mean I don’t get chocolates?

    On a more serious note, I think how we celebrate this holiday is more of a personal preference. If you think V-day is a Greeting Card Company’s poor gimmick at getting people to spend way too much money on cards and flowers and you could care less if there is big effort put forth from your loved one, then don’t worry about making a big deal about it. On the other hand if today is a day that you genuinely enjoy the excuse to be uber romantic and induldge in those lovey dovey gift exchanges, then I think it is important for your partner to honor that.

  3. Holidays, all of them except one, Halloween are about about someone outside of ourselves. Christmas is about Christ or at least about giving, Veterans day is about saying thanks to a veteran and remembering those who sacrificed, and of course Valentines Day certainly is about the one(s) we love. I guess depending on your gender Mothers and Fathers day could be about ourselves. It is certainly our sin nature that dictates needing special days to do what Christ modeled daily. So yea I think all the “others” holidays should be a big deal.

    OH yea, My mother sent me a V day card and $5.00 I am not sure she knows I am 50 or that it is 2011 but of all the gifts I could get today it made me smile the most.

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