My Mini Me: How to Parent Yourself

It’s scary how much Kyler is already like me. I knew going into parenthood that our kids would inherit more than just our eyes, I just didn’t realize I would see the personality stuff so soon. Kyler is incredibly stubborn, recklessly curious, highly energetic, and prefers being awake. It’s frightening.

On the one hand, knowing that Kyler’s personality is so similar to mine makes me feel like I will have the upper hand when he gets into his teenage/difficult years. On the other hand, there is a certain anxiousness that comes with our similarities. I know the temptations and pitfalls that await him, how his personality will affect the ways he perceives the world, and all the other hardships that he will face. I know that even if I try to warn him, since he’s so much like me, he will probably ignore it so he can learn on his own.

Parenting myself, (my mini-me), is going to be hard, and I think that all parents will face this anxiousness. With all that said, I was reminded once again that parenting is not stepping into a known and predictable situation. It is a step of faith, knowing that, just like me, God has a plan and is going to work with our kids, their personalities, good and bad.

So, as I observe myself in my son, I am trying to observe God’s grace in my life and remember that I’m who I am because of his grace, not the stubbornness passed down through generations of Kimmels before me.

4 thoughts on “My Mini Me: How to Parent Yourself

  1. Great post Cody. I remember very well the day I realized how much like my dad I am and how much time I had wasted running from it. All of his wisdom, lessons and teaching became new to me. I bet one day your son will have the same experience. A fathers job is to make sure when that day comes he wants to be like you, mine did. I know that the opposite end of what your wrote but that is what came to mind.

    Blessings bro

  2. If that little guy grows up to be anything like his Dad, he will be a great person. And I know he will be. With his wonderful Mom and Dad, Kyler will see God’s grace at work in his home. BTW, you might prepare yourself for him to give up his naps when he turns two. His Dad did!

  3. I love this post. I’m sure our mom and dad find some sweet satisfaction in the fact that Kyler will put you through even half of what you put them through. When God says we work out our salvation with fear and trembling, I think he referres to ours and our parents (fear and trembling)!

    That’s going to be a great kid! Here’s to wakefulness, fear and trembling.


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