Saturday Man Morning

A few weeks ago, my wife Lauren was telling me about a mom book she was reading. She was talking about the importance of the dad spending one on one time with each kid at least once a week and the positive effect that can have on children.

I liked the idea, so now my son Kyler and I have Saturday Man Morning. As he gets older, I’m sure this will develop into something a little more involved, but for now it means that when Kyler wakes up, I change him into some warm clothes, put a jacket and his polar bear beanie on him, strap him into our awesome Baby Bjorn, and take him and our dog on a walk around the neighborhood.

Cody and Kyler

Even though we haven’t been doing it long, it has already become one of  my favorite parts of the week. Kyler is now 4 1/2 months old. Needless to say, there is not much of a reason to talk on the walk…but I talk to him anyways. I tell him about stuff I’m working on at church or at school, I tell him about where I grew up, about my family, about how to respect women and stand up for those who are weaker than us. I have no doubt any neighbor that sees us on Saturday morning thinks that I’m an idiot. But they probably already thought that.

This morning as we came closer to our house, Kyler staring around at the changing leaves, mouth wide open in a constant state of excitement and discovery, I said to him, “I know you don’t understand me, but I want to have this time with you, talking to you, so that you will know my voice and you will know me. I want you to know me so that you will trust me.” The statement I’m sure was lost on him, but it certainly got me thinking more.

There seems to be a potential sermon in every moment of parenting. When I am with my son, clothing him, changing him, feeding him, protecting him, I can’t help but think of my heavenly Father as well. Just as I want to spend time with my son, let him hear my voice, God desires the same. God wants me to know him so I will trust him. God wants me to hear his voice so I will respond to his voice.

As I was putting Kyler down for his post-Man Morning nap, I started wondering how long this would last. When will Kyler be too cool, or too busy for Man Morning? The thought broke my heart. But once again it made me think of my heavenly Father. When did I become too cool or too busy to spend time with Him? When was the point when I grew out of my childlike faith in him? God wants to spend time with me so that I might know Him and trust Him. What an unbelievable truth! How is it is so easy to cancel my plans with Him and busy myself with other things?

For now, I will soak up every Saturday Man Morning I have with Kyler, and pray that, even though he gets older, he never grows out of knowing and trusting his dad.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Man Morning

  1. Nice post bro, I just got back from my Man Morning with Matthew. We went to Barns and Noble, Dicks Sporting Goods to check out all the cool sports stuff and ride the escalator, then we went and got a cookie at Nestle. Great time. Now….Football!

  2. To put you at ease about Kyler being too cool: I remember when my children were infants and the times that I’d talk to them as you do your son and I would wonder the same thing. That seems like just yesterday. My oldest son is now nearly 13 and still addresses me as ‘Daddy’. Don’t tell his friends.

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