Question of the Week: Is Halloween Okay for Christians?

It figures. The one holiday where kids get to play dress up and get free candy is owned by Satan!Not really…but it does make it worth asking the question? Should Christians participate in Halloween? And if so, to what extent? There are some Christians who have no problems whatsoever with Halloween, others who boycott it. Some churches offer “Fall Festivals” or other alternatives for Christians to enjoy the candy and dress up, but avoid some of the satanic overtones. A Christianity Today article explores the history of Halloween with Christianity and how we should then act. My dad recently posted an article on this very topic, making an excellent point about the creation of idols by attributing demonic qualities to inanimate objects.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. How should our identification with Christ affect what we participate in and where is the line between reaching out to the world and conforming to it?


2 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Is Halloween Okay for Christians?

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