Act Quickly on Faith

“That very day Abraham and his son Ishmael were circumcised.” Genesis 17:26

How long should I wait to act on something I know God is calling me to do? When God gave Abraham the covenant of circumcision, Abraham didn’t wait a year to act up on it, he didn’t put it on a to do list, he didn’t make it next year’s New Year’s resolution. That very day, Abraham circumcised himself and his whole family. This challenges me because I know how frequently I put off things God has laid on my heart. Whether it be a kind word to a neighbor, a phone call to an old friend, confession, a discipline that needs to be developed, no matter what it may be the greatest enemy of action is always the phrase, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” God does not call us to act on his words later, he expects it to be done right away.
Lord Jesus, let us have the discipline to act on your words and prodding immediately. Give us victory over laziness and procrastination!

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