Evening into Morning

“And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called the Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day.” Genesis 1:5

Too many times I have seen the repetition of evening into morning as a burden. Another day creeps forward and the work of Christian living seems nowhere nearer to a close and nowhere closer to the goal. I’m encouraged however when I see the way God views the passage of days. Before God created anything else in the world, he created day and night. Before the world we so adamantly protect, the creatures we preserve, and the people we elevate and glorify, God created Day and Night. As I was reading this morning in Genesis, it became apparent to me that God created day and night first so that, through the daily repetition of morning into evening, evening into morning, He could have a consistent reason to look back and delight in what had happened the previous day. The very first thing God created in this world was a mechanism to express consistent delight in His creation and handiwork. Evening has just passed into morning, a year to a new year, a decade to a new decade, and it is time for us to look back with delight in all that the Lord has done!

Let us praise Him for the constant reminder that every day is a day God created for His delight, so that we might also delight in Him!

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