We Who Have Ears

My wife encouraged me to share some stuff that I wrote in college about church reform. When I began college, I was very disenchanted with the church. I’m not sure if much has changed since then. There is nothing that gets to me more than empty religiousness, but God has put inside me (against my natural will) a deep love and desire for the Church to return to God.

You can download each chapter in a PDF format from the links provided on the side panel. I will be adding the chapters as I can. My original intention was mixed between a genuine desire to bring the Church back to God and to get published and be an awesome published writer. After God spent years breaking me from my prima donna tendencies and my delusions of publishing grandeur, I think its time to share it. Eventhough it wasn’t going to serve God’s purpose by glorifying myself as an author, it’s also not really serving God just sitting on my hard drive. So I hope it challenges you and reminds you that God is passionately pursuing His church! If you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to leave me a comment.

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